When you offer a financial benefit to your employees (which includes yourself if you are a director) you must declare these to HM Revenue and Customs on a P11D. At Cheadles we can prepare these on your behalf reducing the paperwork burden.

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P11D's are still part of the annual paperwork a lot of employers have to complete. It can be a time consuming exercise, and one that can easily go wrong with the continuously changing rules especially around company cars.

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Benefits that should be included on an employee’s P11D include but are not limited to:

  • Company Car
  • Company Van
  • Medical Insurance
  • Subscriptions
  • Employee Loans
  • Vouchers

Here at Cheadles we can reduce this burden and complete your employees P11D’s on your behalf.

We can collate the employees benefits based on the information you provide. We can check the benefits you pay for your employees and ensure the correct taxes are declared on these benefits.

We then complete P11D’s for each affected employee and submit the P11D(b) to HMRC on your behalf.

We then notify you of your Class 1A NIC liability.


Cheadles P11D Services

If you would like to speak with us regarding P11D’s please get in contact.

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