Specialist Tax Reliefs

HMRC offer specialist tax reliefs; at Cheadles we can advise you on what is available for your business. Below are just a couple of the further tax reliefs available to businesses. Please contact us for more information.

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Integral Features Capital Allowances

Tax relief can be available against the costs of these features within a commercial building:

  • An electrical system (including a lighting system)
  • A cold water system
  • A space or water heating system, a powered system of ventilation, air cooling or air purification, and any floor or ceiling comprised in such a system
  • A lift, an escalator or a moving walkway
  • External solar shading

We can assist in obtaining a detailed report and calculations of potential tax savings and ensure these are claimed against your taxable profits.

tax relief allowance

Research & Development Tax Credits

tax relief research

Research and Development tax credits enable companies that incur costs in developing new products, processes or services to receive a generous tax relief which can be received as a cash payment or used to reduce your corporation tax bill. If you think you are involved in any Research & Development (R&D), but are uncertain about claiming tax relief, Cheadles can help. We have assisted many businesses in successfully receiving either a cash payment or reduction against their tax bill. We can review and help maximise your research and development claim.

Please contact us if you are engaged in any form of R&D to discuss this further.

Cheadles Specialist Tax Reliefs

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