One of the simplest ways of keeping your book-keeping up to date is to use Xero. It is a new cloud based accounting software which is saving administrative time for all businesses. With third party apps that feed directly into Xero to further reduce your administrative burden it may be time to start looking into how Xero can aid your business.

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Cloud accounting has been around for some time, but in recent years it has picked up momentum, in thanks largely to an online product called Xero.

Xero is an online software that reduces the burden of book-keeping to allow you time to run your business. It has automatic bank feeds from many of the high-street banks; this means no manual inputting of your bank statements!

The bank feeds are also 'intelligent' it starts to learn where you want to allocate certain costs and income, which in turn reduces your admininstrative time further.

You can raise sales invoices and email them directly to your customers; with options to add a 'Pay Now' button, which can help improve your cashflow as customers are more likely to pay.

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There is also a phone app so you can complete your book-keeping on the move. This includes raising your sales invoices from your phone, possibly even after you have just left your clients' premises!

Using the app you can take pictures of your purchase invoices to store in the software. This means if the invoice goes missing, you have a copy in your book-keeping already!

If you feel Xero is missing something, you will most likely find it is covered by a 3rd party app that seamlessly links with Xero!

Here at Cheadles we are Xero Adviser Certified Partners; all our client managers are trained in Xero and we are happy to pass on our knowledge to clients through training and general help.

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The below video shows some of the highlights of the software straight from the company’s mouth! If you wish to experience it for yourself give us a call to arrange a meeting for us to demonstrate the software!

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