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Worried about a HMRC inspection? We can represent you against HMRC and ensure that the inspection goes as smoothly as possible. We also offer insurance to mitigate our costs during a potential enquiry, so you have one less thing to worry about.

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One of the big things that most businesses worry about is an HMRC enquiry. It is a fact of life that HMRC may wish to look into your affairs at some point in your businesses life.

An enquiry could be about Corporation Tax, PAYE Tax, VAT, Personal Tax or other taxes.

At Cheadles, we will help minimise the possibility of an enquiry by getting it right in the first instance. Through experience we can identify areas that could cause a question from HMRC and we will often pre-empt this by explaining any unexpected variances on your tax return or accounts.

For most people an enquiry will be straightforward, providing you have good records, but they can be time-consuming and if you have not experienced one before it can be quite a daunting experience.

At Cheadles, we can help you get through an enquiry smoothly with minimal impact to your daily business.

On the rare occasion something is found we can help minimise the penalties, liabilities and any implications it may have to your business.

We also offer tax enquiry insurance that can cover our fees in relation to a potential tax enquiry which will mean you are protected from having to fund our costs.

We can still help you even if you are not currently our client; please contact us for more advice.

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