Are you considering if you should VAT register your business, or are you already registered for VAT? At Cheadles we can guide you through the maze of VAT and ensure you follow all the regulations applicable to your business.

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VAT can be a daunting tax to many businesses. Here at Cheadles we try to cut the bureaucratic tape and explain VAT in simple terms.

There are many different types of VAT schemes available to a business, below are just a few examples:

  • Standard Accounting
  • Cash Accounting
  • Annual Accounting
  • Flat Rate Scheme
  • Flat Rate Cash-based scheme
  • VAT Margin schemes for second hand goods
  • VAT Retail schemes

Here at Cheadles we can help you decide what type of scheme is best for you. If you are already VAT registered we can review if you are on the best one for your business or if you could save money moving to a different scheme.

Personal Tax Returns

Completing VAT returns

At Cheadles as well as offering VAT advise, we can assist clients with their VAT returns in the following ways:

We can carry out your book-keeping and then file your VAT return based on this information

We can check your book-keeping and then submit your VAT return

We can submit your VAT return based on the figures you give to us

Cheadles VAT Support

We can provide as little or as much help as your business needs in relation to VAT. If you would like to discuss your VAT needs please give us a call to arrange a free no obligation meeting with one of our staff members.

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