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Xero – the next step for your bookkeeping

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

Xero is a cloud-based approach to bookkeeping. It streamlines the most mundane parts of your book-keeping that every business loathes to do!

One of the prime features of Xero is the bank feed features. With some banks this can be done autonomously, with others it is a simple upload of the month’s transaction via a csv file. Then all that needs doing is tying up the transactions, which after a few months Xero starts learning where things have historically gone so starts to suggest items making reconciling your bank a breeze!

Another fantastic function of Xero are the sales features. You can email quotes to your customers who can approve them or discuss them online. You are notified when they have been approved so that you can convert them into sales invoices. These sales invoices can then be emailed direct to your customer, and you have the option to add a pay here button, so customers will be more inclined to pay straight away! Finally, if you have troublesome customers who do not pay, you can set Xero to forward reminder emails to ask for payment; this way clients will be continuously reminded and should start to pay you more promptly.

For those businesses who are continuously losing their purchase invoices Xero can help you. There is an option to upload files to Xero, which means you can take pictures of your invoices, upload them and then if they go missing you already have a copy in your bookkeeping! You can even go one step further and ask suppliers to email a unique email address which will automatically upload the invoices to your Xero account.

For those of you that wish to see your book-keeping on the go, there is even an App available for Android and Apple users. From this app you can send sales invoices, reconcile your bank and even upload your personal expenses for the business by taking a picture of the invoice for your cup of coffee or train ticket!

As you can see here at Cheadles, we are very excited by Xero, if you wish for a short demo we are happy to show you how it can help your business in ways, you will not have thought of tadalafil 10mg. Contact us on 01785 254550 to arrange a demo at our offices near Stafford Town Centre.  Or read further information on Xero